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BULK SMS for Data Collections.
The easiest way to get quick data is to gather data. SMS is
the best and easiest way to collect original data for your campaign. Most of
the data you get from SMS are first hand information, and you can easily verify
the respondent as most people have just one phone number, and spam or duplicate
is almost impossible.
Collection data from SMS will also prepare the minds of your
clients for a new products....
DATE: Wed, 24th Nov. 2021. 7:36pm

How To Take Advantage Of Bulk SMS Service

There are different ways which one can use bulk SMS service to
his or her advantage if properly studying the benefits. According to how you intend
to use it, either for business purposes or for just information. This information
will enlighten you more on how to use  and
how to apply it the right way which will turn out to be an advantage to you. Cheapglobalsms
will make you take good advantage with their numerous qualities.
Did you ...
DATE: Wed, 24th Nov. 2021. 2:14pm

Widen Your Online Reach

The internet has proven to be an important aspect of our
lives, from the introduction of the Web, GPRS, Mobile apps and Internet calls,
Video calls and online shopping. The internet has been proven to be a veritable
resource for our daily lives, more so the Covid-19 pandemic has proven that to
be true.You can do almost anything using the internet, from online
shopping, voice and  video calls to
almost anything you want to do. And guess...
DATE: Tue, 23rd Nov. 2021. 4:39pm

How To Run Successful Sms Marketing campaign

One thing you need to know is that almost all phones are sms
enable, whether it has access to Internet or not, it must surely receive sms. This
is the reason sms Marketing is reliable and trusted. At least three out of five
individuals have a phone. Beside the messages will be sent to phone numbers which
is a  proof of them having a phone. Messages
receive on phone doesn’t take more than three minutes before reading.
Yes, the mobil...
DATE: Tue, 23rd Nov. 2021. 1:54pm

Discover Our Service Options

CeapGlobalSMS is a unique SMS platform that providesquality and reliable Bulk SMS services for your campaign. Our services are fastand reliable. We provide Bulk SMS plugin for your messaging system as well asBulk SMS for your mobile SMS campaign. We provide both Local and InternationalBulk SMS services for your business, all you have to do is buy our digitalcredit and start sending messages immediately.        Our Services&nbs...
DATE: Mon, 22nd Nov. 2021. 6:18pm

How To Use Email Marketing and Bulk Sms Marketing

In today’s business, everyone needs to use the most effective
tools or medium to increase their customers engagement. Bulk sms marketing and email
marketing can be introduce at once to help drive more sales. Bulk sms as it is widely
known as one of the cheapest medium of advertisement with great results to show
for. If properly combined with email marketing it will go a long way to compliment
each other. Email marketing is one of the best ...
DATE: Mon, 22nd Nov. 2021. 3:42pm

Cheap International Bulk SMS For Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Do you know you can include BULK SMS in your digital marketing campaign. It’s cheap and reliable and you can get immediate feedback. It’s a easy-to-use tool especially using CheapGlobalSMS platform. Let’s first understand what Digital marketing is and how you can use SMS to improve your digital presence.
Digital Marketing is using the internet to sale your products, it involves using online based devices to sal...
DATE: Sat, 20th Nov. 2021. 3:11pm


What is SMS Survey?
Let’s understand what is an SMS survey then we can understand how it can affect our businesses and campaign and improve our services or products.
SMS survey is using of Short Messaging System to send messages across to a particular group or your clients for feedbacks to improve your services. SMS survey is used to collect data and information as well as feedback for a particular pur...
DATE: Fri, 19th Nov. 2021. 4:34pm


A lot of people have come to like WordPress. so many
website owners have been running there website on WordPress, one of the reason
is that it is easy to use, a user friendly panel with good features. This alone
makes a large number of people to use it. If you will like to do bulk SMS
service on WordPress then you can make use of cheapglobalsms. They have one of
the best plugins that works well with WordPress and bulk SMS services. There bul...
DATE: Fri, 19th Nov. 2021. 8:35am

Instant Bulk SMS Delivery

In a previous blog post I shared how you can use Instant Bulk SMS to notify your clients on your new business location and remind them of you digital platform and delivery service. In today’s world information is one of the most important aspect of any business or endeavours and the sooner you are able to communicate your information to your clients and customers the better it is for your business.
On time Delivery
At CheapGlobalSMS we provi...
DATE: Thu, 18th Nov. 2021. 2:11pm