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You can purchase a minimum of 1200 units at a time. NOTE: The higher quantity you buy per-time, the lower cost per unit.
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Buy SMS Credits With: * Bitcoin * USDT * Perfectmoney * Bank/Wire Transfer * Credit/Debit Cards

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SMS Pricing Table

Base pricing is fixed in NGN Please note that the USD rate indicated here applies when paying through Perfectmoney.
The USD equivalent for other methods (e.g Bitcoin) differs as flunctuated by the network in real-time

S/N Units Range Price (NGN) Price (USD$1=891 NGN)
1. 1 - 4,999 1.89 0.00212058
2. 5,000 - 49,999 1.84 0.00206448
3. 50,000 - 199,999 1.79 0.00200838
4. 200,000 - 499,999 1.75 0.0019635
5. 500,000 - 999,999 1.7 0.0019074
6. 1,000,000 - above 1.65 0.0018513

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QUESTION: I do not understand your pricing.

The amount of 'sms credits' (we also call it units) required for one sms, depends on the destination network/country.
Please have a look at our coverage list to see the units required for an SMS to each destination country/network

Meanwhile, the price at which you get each unit, depends on the quantity you are buying at a time: i.e, the higher the quantity, the lower the price-per-unit. (As indicated on our pricing table)

QUESTION: When I make payment, how long does it take to get credited?

If you want to buy bulk SMS credits with perfecmoney, or you want to buy bulk SMS credits with Bitcoin or USDT here, it's instant and automated. You can start sending bulk SMS immediately. (Bitcoin will need to reach 2-confirmations on blockchain)
You can also pay for bulk SMS with credit/debit card (though, that would require profile pre-approval through KYC process).
However, if you are paying for bulk SMS, using bank deposit or transfer; then submit your payment information and the transaction will be completed, immediately we could confirm your payment on our account


Two factors determines the actual cost of a bulk SMS.
Cost = Price per units X Units per SMS
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