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You can purchase a minimum of 300 units at a time. NOTE: The higher quantity you buy per-time, the lower cost per unit.
= units
Please Note that credit/debit card payment method is only available to Nigerian customers.
REASON: Since the product is volatile (i.e you can buy sms-credits and use everything immediately), accepting credit-card payment will be of a very high-risk in case of chargeback due to fraudulent card transaction
Meanwhile, You can as well use any of 'Western Union, Perfectmoney, Bitcoin or Wire Transfer' from anywhere.

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SMS Pricing Table

Base pricing is fixed in NGN Please note that the USD rate indicated here applies when paying through Western union or Bank wire; the rate.
USD equivalent for Bitcoin and Perfectmoney differs as flunctuated by the network in real-time

S/N Units Range Price (NGN) Price (USD$1=319 NGN)
1. 1 - 4,999 1.89 0.00592476444
2. 5,000 - 49,999 1.84 0.00576802464
3. 50,000 - 199,999 1.79 0.00561128484
4. 200,000 - 499,999 1.75 0.005485893
5. 500,000 - 999,999 1.7 0.0053291532
6. 1,000,000 - above 1.65 0.0051724134

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QUESTION: I do not understand your pricing.

The amount of 'sms credits' (we also call it units) required for one sms, depends on the destination network/country.
Please have a look at our coverage list to see the units required for an SMS to each destination country/network

Meanwhile, the price at which you get each unit, depends on the quantity you are buying at a time: i.e, the higher the quantity, the lower the price-per-unit. (As indicated on our pricing table)

QUESTION: When I make payment, how long does it take to get credited?

If you are making use of perfectmoney, bitcoin or naira debit card, the crediting is automated/instant.
However, if you are making use of bank transfer/deposit or western-union; you will then submit your payment information and the transaction will be completed, immediately we could confirm your payment on our account


Two factors determines the actual cost of a bulk SMS.
Cost = Price per units X Units per SMS
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