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...presents, so reliable & sophisticated SMS services on a very simple interface.

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  • 1. Tailor-made SMS Features

    Several functionalities to meet your very specific, and crucial needs; such as:

    * The Love Charm - it's simply magical, try it!

    * SMS Log & Scheduler - access & manage your sms delivery reports in real-time.

    * Customized Periodic SMS (CPS) - Complete Automation! Either for future events, weekly, daily reminders/notifications, birthday wishes...

  • 2. Instant SMS delivery at the lowest rates worldwide

    Two factors determines the actual cost of a bulk SMS.
    Cost = Price per units X Units per SMS
    CheapGlobalSMS offers the cheapest SMS cost you can find around.

  • 3. Well Structured Contacts Manager

    Import and backup your phone contact; or
    upload & download multiple contacts files for bulk messaging.

  • 4. Fully featured developers API

    You can do everything programatically.
    From SMS sending/scheduling, to contacts management. have a look

  • 5. Bulk SMS Reseller Packages

    Easily start your own bulk SMS business with Cheap Global SMS reseller package.

If any of the features does not impress you; the Cheap Global SMS widget definitely will!