Receive and process SMS from your audience

Configure a phone number to which people can send SMS so that you could automatically process their messages.
You can either:
  • Forward the message (in HTTP POST parameters) to your web application for processing via the callback_url
  • Typically manage subscription by automatically adding or deleting the number from your existing contact groups
  • Profile the sender by extracting information from the message to update the corresponding contact
To use this service, you will need to acquire the phone number first. Please Contact Us to get the information regarding monthly fee and set-up fee (if applicable) for operating phone number in your country.
Only the messages that matches this keyword will be captured
Only the messages that matches this sub-keyword will be captured

When a number sends in an SMS:

Delete the number from these contact-groups (can be useful for managing un-subscription)
Add the number to these contact-groups

When you receive an SMS, You can set-up actions that will be automatically carried out if the sender's number appears in your specified contact group
First words,
Next words,
Next words,
Next words,
If you extract values from SMS as specified above, the values can be used as follow
Update number's firstname from these contact-groups
Update number's lastname from these contact-groups
Update number's group_name from these contact-groups
WARNING: the number will be moved from current group to the new group extracted