Cheap Global SMS Reseller Account

As a reseller on, you can start buying SMS credits at equivalent of 1.79NGN (0.00542424237 USD) per SMS unit from the lowest quantity.
S/N Units Range Price (NGN) Price (USD)
1. 1 - 199,999 1.79 0.00542424237
2. 200,000 - 499,999 1.75 0.00530303025
3. 500,000 - 999,999 1.7 0.0051515151
4. 1,000,000 - above 1.65 0.00499999995

Terms & Condition

A reseller account will always retain a reserve/surety units of 1,250 SMS credits. This surety units can not be spent by the reseller.
A reseller is expected to always use at least, a total of 50,000 SMS units per month (30 days).
If a reseller account does not use up to 50,000 units in a month, the reseller's surety units will be automatically forfeited/removed (to be refilled back from the reseller's main balance).

CheapGlobalSMS Reseller Starter Pack

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Meanwhile, please note that activating reseller tarrif on that page ONLY have effect of allowing you still buy lower sms credits, at the same cheap rate as if you are buying 50,000 units. If you are planning to buy more than 50,000 units at a time, there is in fact no need for activating the reseller tarrifs, since the volume discounts will equally lower the rates.

All features of this website are available to any account types, reseller or not!