Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What does each delivery status flag mean?

    • DELIVERED As reported by the recipient's network operator, the message has been delivered to handset.
    • ACCEPTED The message has been successfully submitted to the operator, but not yet delivered to the handset.
      If you check the sms log, you may get further info about the specific situation of each recipient (e.g 'Absent Subscriber').
    • EXPIRED The messge has taken too long waiting for the recipient's line to be available for delivery, therefore it expired
    • REJECTED The number is invalid or it doesn't exist on any network.
      (NB: This is the ONLY situation in which credit is reversed by the system).
    • UNDELIVERABLE May occur due to various reasons such as:
      - The recipient inbox memory is full.
      - On roaming and the operator doesn't make provision for forwarding sms.
      - The line has been currently disabled.
      - The recipient has some sort of restrictive/barring settings.

    NOTE: For status REJECTED, the SMS credits spent get automatically revered to your balance by the system. But for any other case, the credit spent are final.

  • What is a flash message

    Flash SMS is the type of message that appears immediately on the recipient's screen regardless of what he/she is doing on the phone at the moment.
    It's the type of message that most network providers displays to you when you requested for some services e.g to check your account balance.
    Unlike the normal message, it does not get automatically saved into the recipient's inbox; although some phones may provide the recipient with an option to save the message or discard it after reading.
    Flash message costs the same SMS units on CheapGlobalSMS as normal SMS.

  • Can I send SMS in Chinese,Japanese or Korean Language

    Yes all the languages are supported. However for those special languages, you will need to specify that the message encoding is unicode when sending the message (please note that unicode messages reduces the character limits to 72 characters per page)

  • How can I send SMS from my website/app?

    With a basic knowledge of HTML forms and JSON, you can use our well documented API functions to programmatically send sms, check balance, and get SMS status.

  • How reliable is CheapGlobalSMS API

    All the API functions of are perfectly working.
    In fact, the CheapGlobalSMS Widget is using the SMS Gateway API for operation.
    This ensures that the CheapGlobalSMS API functions are 100% reliable at any time for all users.

  • I saw a negative account balance, what happened?

    Because the exact cost/units of the SMS couldn't be determined before the message was sent, the highest cost per sms to the recipient country will be assumed and charge.
    Then, after few seconds, the real network/units will be determined; and if more units were spent, the excess will be rectified as appropriate

  • I have paid, but not yet credited

    Normally, the account funding process has been made as automated as possible.
    E.g:If you use credit card/online payment method, your account will be credited automatically as you returns from the payment gateway's website.
    For cash/bank deposit payment method, if you use your email address as depositor's name and exercise a little patience, your account will be credited once your payment has been received.

    In case of any unforeseen circumstance, please contact us.
    Please Note that: payments made for SMS credits are non-refundable.

  • How secure is my credit card information, if i use online payment method

    CheapGlobalSMS will neither store, nor receive your credit card information from you (the payment gateway does that themselves).
    (E.G; If you're paying with your naira master/visa card, you will only enter your card details when you get to interswitch's page)

  • Why do i need cheapglobalsms

    • Student groups / schools can easily communicate important information quickly as well as reminders, using communicate.
    • Religious bodies can use cheapglobalsms communicate more personally with its members and share spiritual thoughts daily
    • Even if you want to just sent a single SMS to your friend, cheapglobalsms is still cheaper than your normal network charges.

  • My account has been flagged/blocked. When wil it be verified so that my SMS can be going immediately?

    As long as you continue sending fraudulent messages the flag will never be removed from your account, even if you submit any document.
    The simple fact is that, we don't tolerate criminal activities.
    However, even when there is a flag on your account, it will never stop you from sending (legitimate) messages.
    Just that your messages will first be manually reviewed by an account manager before dispatch.
    And if after a while, it's observed that your traffics has become entirely legitimate ones, the flag will be removed.
    This is the only way the flag can be removed. Not by sending documents. Not by waiting.
    If you don't start sending legitimate messages, nothing changes.

    What if i offer to pay you more; like $1 Million USD
    Our response still remain as above. We a lot of people ask this type of question, but the amount is irrelevant. We simply don't support criminal activities in any case.

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