Terms & Condition

By using CheapGlobalSMS.com you agree to be bound by the following

Although, we do allow promotional broadcast of casino/gambling related platforms, CheapGlobalSMS.com has zero tolerance for any form of fraudulent/scam related broadcast; such as Phising hacks (e.g Apple iCloud or Bank impersonation), Tax Refund frauds, Property listings Scam (e.g gumtree), or other criminal activities. Perpetrator of such will be penalized and may further be reported for criminal investigations.
In addition, messages promoting to prostitution, pornography, sales or usage of hard/controlled drugs and anti-government propaganda are not allowed.
Some Samples of detected prohibited/fraudulent broadcasts
SMS Credits purchased on CheapGlobalSMS.com can not be converted back to money in any case.
CheapGlobalSMS.com has the role to submit your SMS to operators for deliveries to handset through best possible channels, and can not ascertain that the recipient will respond or even will open the SMS to read

My account has been flagged/blocked. When will it be verified so that my SMS can be going immediately?

As long as you continue sending fraudulent messages the flag will never be removed from your account, even if you submit any document.
The simple fact is that, we don't tolerate criminal activities.
However, even when there is a flag on your account, it will never stop you from sending (legitimate) messages.
Just that your messages will first be manually reviewed by an account manager before dispatch.
And if after a while, it's observed that your traffics has become entirely legitimate ones, the flag will be removed.
This is the only way the flag can be removed. Not by sending documents. Not by waiting.
If you don't start sending legitimate messages, nothing changes.

What if i offer to pay you more; like $1 Million USD
Our response still remain as above. A lot of people ask this type of question, but the amount is irrelevant. We simply don't support criminal activities in any case.

A word of advise

If you have been involved in hacking, phishing attacks and other criminal activities to swindle victims of their hard earn savings. A very precious advice from us is that you Stop That Today.
Imagine if your parents, siblings or relatives are the ones hacked of their live savings.
Do you know that some people may become homeless or die because of your own selfishness. Think of families that won't be able to pay their children's medical bills again because you have emptied the parent's account.
Stop now while you still can, before the unprecedented and inevitable evil eventually befall you and your family; as a reward for your actions.