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Send Bulk SMS, Pay With Tether (USDT) - Ethereum

Courtesy of the universal payment processor, UnifiedPurse.com; we are now accepting Tether (USDT) as payment for.For the lovers of stable-coins, you can now buy bulk SMS credits on cheapglobalsms.com with Tether (ERC20 USDT), just the same way you'll buy bulk SMS with Bitcoins (BTC).What does this mean?* You don't have to convert to BTC, in case you have been keeping your funds in USDT to prevent fluctuations of Bitcoin.* Paying with USDT costs s...
DATE: Thu, 13th May. 2021. 2:10pm

Successful Bulk SMS Delivery Rates

Can we take a moment to talk about "the elephant in the room" regarding bulk SMS.That is: knowing the successful delivery statistics of your messages.First, some quick tips:• CheapGlobalSMS provides the delivery statistics of each of your bulk SMS batch, at:https://cheapglobalsms.com/sms-batches• Also, you can find out the SMS delivery status, destination Operator/Network, and credits charged for each of the recipients athttps://cheapglobalsm...
DATE: Mon, 3rd May. 2021. 10:22am