How To Use Bulk SMS For Marketing In Your Business

Do you remember what it feels like to get a message from a friend?

That's what bulk SMS does for brands. It gives a personal touch to all your marketing messages, so the customer doesn't feel like they don't know you or won't recognize you.

There are so many benefits of using a bulk SMS service as part of your marketing channels. I will discuss one of them here but what we are going to be focusing on in this article is the how.

One benefit of Using a Bulk SMS as Part of Your Marketing Channel

  1. ☑️ Brand Association: For many brands who have actually done their work and have high visibility. Normally, they would have a high amount of visibility. Let's take Coca-Cola as an extreme example because they are a giant of a brand. When you receive a message from Coca-Cola telling you about a new product, do you go, hmmm, I don't know who they are?

No, instead you go, hmmm, it's going to be nice to have this new product. why?

You already know who they are based on their visibility campaigns like the billboards, radio adverts, super bowl, Youtube Ads e.t.c.

So if you are a brand that already has a lot of visibility in a particular local area, then bulk SMS can be a cheaper option to get the word out there when you want to launch a new product.

Now, let's go to the how.

How To Use Bulk SMS For Your Marketing

You can use bulk SMS in reaching new prospects.

Looking at the above example of Coca-Cola, here's what you can do to take advantage of bulk SMS in your marketing. 

1. Get a list of numbers in your area or area your brand has a lot of visibility in

2. Then send them a message, making sure that you change your sender Id to your brand name so your prospects can recognize you immediately

If you go to ; and register, you get free SMS credits to try and you can send messages to anywhere in the world.

Give it a try now and let us know in the comment section, what your experience was.

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DATE: Fri, 17th Sep. 2021 10:40pm

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