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(),,,()( -_- )""""(,,)""*""*"*"*",*,_,*,_,*,*_,*,*,_Use Your BlanketCloSe Your EyeZ.N(-,-)Gud Nite(-,-)sweet drims.
(Posted on : 21-07-2010 Characters : 125) Life iz like a Book:Each day a new page wd adventures 2 experience,lessons 2 learn and good deeds 2 replicate.Have a COLORFUL PAGE today. GM.
*.What is true friendship ? U cry & I cry. U sad, I sad, U laughing, I laughing, U jump out of window...I look down... I am still laughing
,''' .,. ''', EID 'MUBARAK ', ' ",:,"May ALLAH shower His countless blessings upon U and Ur family.Ameen
-Life is fragile-hold on with prayer..-Temptations are unexpected-be alert..-Trials will come-have patience..-Mistakes are sure-Learn through them..-Tears will fall-Don't lose courage..-People may leave you-standstill..-God is always with you-move on by faith....Gud mrng dear:-)
. - . I.' \. '. Know'. / .' its ' - ' can I SLEEP without wishing you... G-O-O-D N-I-G-H-T.@
.*"""*. (_. @ ,'> _.*"".-'..,).-" . ' - ._,.-"""/,,,,/" /,,,,/This Sweet bird has came to Say u.GOOD NIGHT. BYE BYE N SWEET SWEET DREAMS N TAKE CARE.......!!
//// //I""""l ") FreshL____I" NescafeCOFFEE specialy made for u.. SorryI dont add sugar.. becauseu arealready so sweet ..!