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"I dont have time 2 hate people who hate me..Because,I'm too busy in loving people who love me!"Good Night!
"S.L.E.E.P"S-Say thanks to the god.L-Lying on the bed.E- Eyes closed slowlyE-End of the day.P-Plan for the next day.'G00D NIGHT'
''Show Ur Love And Care 4 Those Who Expect It And Deserve It..Don't Waste It 4 Those Who Don't Understand The Value Of It.." nght....:)
(),,,()( -_- )""""(,,)""*""*"*"*",*,_,*,_,*,*_,*,*,_Use Your BlanketCloSe Your EyeZ.N(-,-)Gud Nite(-,-)sweet drims.
. - . I.' \. '. Know'. / .' its ' - ' can I SLEEP without wishing you... G-O-O-D N-I-G-H-T.@
.*"""*. (_. @ ,'> _.*"".-'..,).-" . ' - ._,.-"""/,,,,/" /,,,,/This Sweet bird has came to Say u.GOOD NIGHT. BYE BYE N SWEET SWEET DREAMS N TAKE CARE.......!!
@_____ ,::, /____/\ ,;;;, I_::_,I,;:,l ,_")("_#####,,,####YeBeautiful houseMy special Gift for U.Go inside and sleep well.Good Night
A late n8 greeting not 1ly mean gud night it has a silent msg u r my last thought@n8
A shining ANGEL stands beside your silky bed,Calling ur nice Name so softly,Throwing flowers on UAnd saying Good Night & Sweet Dreams.
A special face,A special smile,A special someone,A special hug from me to u,A special person,I found in u,Sweet Dreams & Good Night!