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If u are a little bored, little sick, little sad, all lost,U know whats wrong?U r suffering from lack of Vitamin MEGood Night!
It will always makes you feel bitter to let go of your past.But always remember that bitter feeling will make you a better person Gud ni8
Just go outsideOrSee through your windowHow pleasant scene it isJust look @ moon & Stars,Feel the cool windThey all are here toGreet u a sweet night
Let my lap be your pillow and my arms be your blanket , and you have a sweet dream in my arms. Have a goodnight.
Let the most beautifuldream come to u tonight,Let the sweetest personcome in ur dream tonight....But dont make it a habitbcoz I m not free every night.Goodnight
Lookthe moon is calling you!!Seethe stars are shining for you!!Listenthe mosquitos are singing to you!!Hearmy heart says:Good night
May u b stolen by a peaceful sleep &kidnapped by sweet dream just to wake up 2morrow morning &fnd ur heart robbed by joy & happiness, sweet drms 2 u.Gud night ifemi
MOONhas come to coloryour dreams,STARSto make themmusical and mySMSto give you warmand Peaceful Sleep.Good Night...Sweet Dreams..!
Never blame a day in ur life.Good days give u happiness.Bad days give u experience.Both are essential in life!All are Gods blessings!good night.
Night time is god's gift to sleep.It's the mostfavourable relax to our life.So,forget all ur feelings,just close ur eyes &sleep .Good night,sweet dreams .