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"B,"e,"u,"t,"i,"f,u"l"Morning"c,o"l,o"u,r"f,u"l"Noon"J,o"y,f"u,l"Evning"P,e"a,c"e,f"u,l"NiteBe Happy itz a"F,a"n,t"a,s"t,i,c"day 4u.GooD mrning .
(Posted on : 21-07-2010 Characters : 125) Life iz like a Book:Each day a new page wd adventures 2 experience,lessons 2 learn and good deeds 2 replicate.Have a COLORFUL PAGE today. GM.
-Life is fragile-hold on with prayer..-Temptations are unexpected-be alert..-Trials will come-have patience..-Mistakes are sure-Learn through them..-Tears will fall-Don't lose courage..-People may leave you-standstill..-God is always with you-move on by faith....Gud mrng dear:-)
//// //I""""l ") FreshL____I" NescafeCOFFEE specialy made for u.. SorryI dont add sugar.. becauseu arealready so sweet ..!
:"': :"':: :,,,,: :: :""": ::,,: :,,: E L L OWith This Cool Hello, I Jst Wnt2 Wish U Sweet & Lovely.good morningG(^_^)(^_^)D m(^_^)rning.
A great thought-I asked God to give me everything i want so that I can enjoy life!He smiled & replied- I've given u life to enjoy everything!!
A Morning is a Wonderful Blessing,Either Cloudy or Sunny.It stands for Hope,giving us another start of what we call Life.Have a Good Morning & Day!
A new sunA new dayA new smsAsking u toforget all urworriessorrows& tearsfor someonewho wants tosee you happyGood Morning
A smile can open a heart faster thana key can open a door..Smiles r free so don't save them..Brighten d world with ur smile..GUD MORNING!
A4"Acchi morning"B4"Beautiful morning!C4"Cheerful morning"D4"Dreamy morning"E4"Early morning"F4"Faithful morning"G4Ye b mai bolu"Good morning":-):-)