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For whatever choices you are about to make in this lifetime.always remember 1 thingLet it come from your heart.Gud morning
fresh " morning."fresh " hopesfresh" plans."fresh" effortsfresh" success."fresh" felingsand also "FRESH" years to go I wishu a Fresh & Succesful day and Good Morning
G-Get upO-Out of ur bedO-Open ur eyesD-Day has riseM-Mobile beepsO-One msg receivdR-Read & enjoyN-Nvr mindI- It's aN-New way 2 wishG-Good Morning.
Get up from ur soft soft beOpen ur teeny weeny eyes.Wear that jolly wolly smile& say to urselfa Gud morning from my side.Hav a wonderful day!
Good Heart iroGood Habit iroGood Hope iroGood Hope iroGood Feeling iroGood Dream iroGood Ftiendge Heartful gud morning
Good morning the day has awakeing have you have a wounderful day
Good Morning! Good Morning!The sun is up and shining bright. I wish I was still in bed,With my eyes closed tight!Have a great day
Good morning. My queen..have a great day, I love you..
good morning....!have a lovely rainy day....!
Good MorningAnother beautiful day.Enjoy your sunday.