How To Use Virtual Number

For every business, there is a need to communicate either with your client or your staff. Making phone calls is necessary for day to day businesses. Sometimes the location of your business doesn’t favor the network service you choose to use, instead of having several lines to accommodate all network numbers in your area or country you can opt for a virtual number.

 Virtual numbers can help in different ways to solve communication issues. It is very flexible to use and affordable.

What Is A Virtual Number

A virtual number is a number that is not attached to a specific network service that can be used on any device like desk phone, cell phone to receive and make calls then also receive messages and also send messages. It is not bound to one location, as you can choose any device to receive calls from. It is well used by employers to aid their communications. The good thing about virtual numbers is that you can use them to receive calls from any part of the world. Location can’t be a barrier to virtual numbers. These numbers are so real that you can’t differentiate them from regular phone numbers. Remote workers can use virtual numbers effectively, even when you are not stock in an office you can carry on with your communication irrespective of where you are. 

Virtual numbers are of different types depending on what you want to use it for.

The local phone number: this type of virtual numbers are mostly used in a given area. They are sometimes called area code, they are mostly used in a certain geographical area.

•The vanity number: this number starts with 1-, 800- they are pleasing to the eyes. You might see some companies start with such numbers. They are part of virtual numbers usually called vanity numbers.

•Toll free numbers: these numbers are mostly used for a business campaign. It allows people to call without any charges. They usually start with numbers like 800, 888, 886.


Alternative Number

Virtual numbers can act as an alternative number to the regular numbers we use. The regular numbers are numbers that are connected to a specific network service. Just like the telephone companies will run installations connecting wires along Street to a particular building to network the line of communication. Or the digital companies that make use of broadband to run their communication. Telephone companies after the installation will sign phone lines that will be used for communication within the office.

Virtual numbers are not fixed to one location, so it can be used inside the office and outside the office. When going for field work or working away from the office like a remote worker, you can still receive calls. And if you do not want to use your personal phone number to receive business calls, it is ideal you make use of a virtual number.

Important Of Using Virtual Numbers

1. Less Connection and installation: Virtual number doesn’t need excess connection and installation. It doesn’t need a sim card or wiring of a building to get working. It makes use of secure internet service to connect callers. It provides good call quality with less data. If you have fast and reliable data it is easy to make calls with a virtual number.

2. It solves voicemail problems: a lot of callers do not like the situation of when they call no one is there to attend to them instead you have to drop a voicemail. Most people are pissed off speaking to a machine instead of a human. With a virtual number on your cell phone you can easily pick up calls and attend to the caller right away. Virtual numbers are a perfect solution to voicemail issues.

3. It reduces excess charges: with a virtual number you stand a chance to avoid all the expensive charges that would have been added. Take for instance calling a foreign number is more expensive than making local calls. To some countries when making International calls, the charges are way too high that it limits the duration and information you would like to pass on. It also has a toll free number where people can call without being charged.

It can also direct them to the right person they need to speak with. This function is called “Direct Inward Dialing” (DID). This will help direct the caller to a sales representative in any part of the world.

4. Have a choice of separating personal phone number from business phone number:

With the help of a virtual number, you have the chance to separate your personal number from your business number. This used to be an issue for business people when one number was used for different purposes. It is ideal to separate your personal number from business number so that you can guess right what the conversation would be from a certain number. Even if your virtual number is used as your private line, you can tweak the setting in such a way that you receive calls within work hours and also divert business calls after working hours.

In conclusion, the virtual number helps in a positive way. It is very flexible in its usage and applications to work. It is also affordable. It is a great alternative to regular phone numbers. There are good companies that offer such services. For a better features and experience use

DATE: Mon, 28th Feb. 2022 6:43pm

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