Best Bulk Sms Application

Every business owner needs to embrace bulk SMS for their businesses. You need to choose a reliable service provider which will always deliver maximum results. There are different ways in which you can make the bulk SMS transaction. Either on the web or software, applications. Anyone that you are convenient with is perfect for you.

One of the best bulk SMS applications and software is the cheap Global Sms. They have great features which makes their service easy and great.


Client Management

The application is well designed and it allows you to focus very well on your customer. It is easy and faster to work with. As you know, clients are the most important people in an organization.

Send Bulk Sms

Sending bulk SMS is made easy with their app. You can send your promotional sms to your client's using client groups or upload CSV or Excel files. It will automatically queues your messages, delivering to your customer one by one.

Two ways  SMS

This is another advantage of a service provider to customers. Two way SMS is where you can both send and receive a text message, to let you have a conversation with the recipient, the app will enable you to send and receive messages from the recipient.

Send schedule sms

This function will take away some stress from your leisure time you can choose to schedule different messages for the future. With scheduled messages, you can reach yourself or many people at once when you want to just select your client groups or upload CSR or Excel files and select your time. The message will be delivered at the correct time you choose.

Anti Fraud message system

This helps to identify fraudulent messages, it helps to reduce crime rate with this ability. The antifraud message is a system of identification of fraud during sending spam messages, or illegal text. The admin will be notified using the fully automated system. Crime rate is a thing of concern globally, so many organization and sectors are putting up measures to checkmate and fight crime. This is why this feature is necessary and important to help assure client of the authentication of the messages and the messaging platform.

Contact groups/ contact list

This is a system where you can store,view, search contacts, edit and delete contact information depending on what you want to do at a particular effectively manage contacts details using fully automated system you can set opt-in and out keyword to store or remove phone numbers from your list.

Clean SMS report

It has an attractive, clean, minimal sms history reports. You will get your sms history like mobile inbox.

In conclusion, when choosing a bulk SMS application, make sure the service provider is reliable enough and also their application and software are customer friendly. I recommend you to use cheapglobal app as it will give you all this great experience.

DATE: Wed, 8th Dec. 2021 10:38am

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