How To Select The Best WP-SMS

How To Select The Best WP-SMS 

For the users of WordPress for bulk SMS Marketing,there are Features to be considered before using WP-SMS. Apart from the qualities of their Plugins, you need to check certain features which will make the usage easy. Every reseller of bulk SMS wouldn't like to stress themselves before they can operate a certain platform or panel. 

The features include:

1.easy installation

2.easy configuration

3.user-friendly interface

4.regular updates

5.Ticketing support

6.compatible with WordPress latest version.

              Easy Installation

In today's tech world, every application and software needs to be easy to install. Installation with less stress makes users happy. Always compare and research to know what it takes to install or what are the extent or protocols involved in the installation process.

             Easy Configuration

Just like installation, the configuration process for most software is difficult. You need to be sure you can configure before you even start the process. This is the reason you need an easy Configuration process for your WP-SMS. 

            User-friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface is an additional Advantage to the company. More customers will like to work on an easy to use interface. No one will like to get lost while working on its platform. When they are difficult to operate on, most people will dump the platform. When selecting, make sure the interface is friendly and works smoothly. With this feature you can do a lot of things with ease on the platform. When you can understand how everything works on a platform you take control of everything there.

               Regular Updating

Always choose a platform where they have regular updates. It keeps you up-to-date with the latest trend and news. With regular updates you can get information on the latest changes made in the platform or latest addition to the features on the platform. Updating regularly gives you knowledge on the latest development on the bulk SMS business. 

                Ticketing Support

The ticketing support helps to generate ID on every transaction made on the platform. It helps you know the numbers of transactions made. You can track your transactions through the ticket ID. You need to make sure you can follow up the

Progress of the transactions you have made. The ticketing support is necessary as it will help you keep records.

Compatible with WordPress Latest  Version

When choosing WP-SMS make sure it works well with the latest version of WordPress. It will give you the best qualities and features which will make you get a better experience. Not all are compatible with the latest version so you need to take note before using a particular WP-SMS.

Apart from these qualities mentioned above make sure the WP-SMS has these other features to be mentioned below to compliment each other.

 GDPR complaint: it helps to provide validation for mobile numbers.

 Support Unicode: it helps to cover Unicode languages, that's you can send messages with various languages listed in the Unicode.

Send flash sms: make sure it has the function of sending flash messages, the messages show on the screen not necessarily inside the inbox.

Sms newsletter: make sure it has the function of sending newsletter, customers can subscribe to newsletters.

Support country code: it will provide validation for mobile fields in the WP-SMS.

Outbox sms page: with this function, you can archive your messages. There is an option that enables you to resend, delete, and search messages.

Advance send SMS page: you will send SMS and MMS to subscribers, WordPress users, roles and special mobile numbers.

Schedule sms: this will help you schedule your messages anytime any day.

In conclusion, all of these features need to be considered before choosing a WP-SMS. They have to compliment each other to get a better result. Choose a bulk SMS platform that has a WP-SMS that has all these qualities. Cheapglobalsms has all this complete package to give you a maximum result. Create an account with

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