How To Choose The Best Bulk Sms Service Provider

As a business owner, you will like to spend less and make huge profit, same is applied to bulk SMS. Everyone would like to maximize the usage of Bulk Sms and get their desired results. There are different bulk SMS service provider out there providing their service. They  all vary from each other depending on their qualities and capabilities. For you to gain their trust there are qualities you need to check to be sure you are choosing the best one for your business or mission.

Here are some qualities that will help you decide.

1.    Great customer service

2.    Instant delivery message

3.    100% message delivery

4.    User friendly panel

5.    Fair Pricing

6.    Multiple sender Ids

7.    API support for third parties integration

8.    Free trial account

9.    Customize message delivery

10.    Plugins support

11.    Bulk order discount

12.    Client review


Even though I have listed about 12 qualities above, I will be discussing some.

            Great customer service

One aspect you should check in a platform apart from bulk sms platforms is their customer service. When you are new to a platform, you are bound to be lost in a platform once in a while. Even if the platform is easy, sometimes you will need urgent answers to certain things on the platform so that you can clarify and get correct information. Then the right thing is to contact their customer care to help you out immediately. Some customer care is 24/7, just like saying live customer service.

            Instant delivery message

Instant delivery message is one of the best qualities of a bulk SMS service provider. This will help get your information delivered within seconds to your target audience. You will be notified immediately the messages are delivered. You will get to see the numbers of messages that failed and the once that were Successfully delivered.

           100% message delivery

For you to make sure your money put into sms Marketing will bring maximum result, you should make sure your service provider can deliver nearly 100%. Except in the case where the recipient might have switched off the phone for days without powering the phone or a situation where the area the recipient is out of network coverage. Such factors wont make message deliver successful.

            User friendly panel

Some websites or apps builders make their platforms complicated. Visiting the platform you just get lost on the platform. You wander through the platform trying to understand how to get to what actually brought you to the platform. Most people are not patient enough, immediately they are stressed they log out of the platform.

You need a user-friendly panel that you can understand your left from right. It will enable you to perform your duties with ease.

                Fair Pricing

You don't need a platform that will make you break the platform before you get your job done. All bulk SMS platforms have various pricing. Check out for the one that you are cool with the pricing both for local and international sms Marketing. The price will help you determine how much of the service you need so that you don't get stuck.

         Bulk SMS Gateway Features

Another strong area to take note of is their bulk distribution and the use of reliable gateway service. When it is able to provide a high-speed premium connection through their direct telecommunication carriers rather than using both direct and hybrid carriers network. If the SMS gateway capacity is able to send a large amount of SMS, let's say over 7million text messages delivered weekly.


          Free trial account

 Some of the platforms, when you register, you will be given free messages of certain numbers you can send to family and friends. When you are given the free messages, you can use those free messages to try those functions or qualities listed on their platform to be sure it is not a fluke.

In conclusion, when you see a platform that performs the majority of these functions, you know you are in safe hands. Your sms Marketing campaign will work with ease. One of the platforms that has all this Qualities is

DATE: Mon, 29th Nov. 2021 4:40pm

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