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"Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect..It just meanswe have decided to see everything beyond the imperfections".Craig Huges.. Good evening...
4 Blessed ways of living:1st,Look back & Thank God.2nd,Look forward & Trust God3rd,Look around & serve God.4th,Look within & Find God..!! Good Evening...
A nice quote n the fact.. "closest relationship in the worldhave fought more battle than the enemies"So keep fighting with loved one.. Gud evng. . .Read more at TECK.IN:
A sentence frm a broken heart... :-(" we enter the world alone,,,we leave the world alone,,,so its better to live alone"!!Good evening !
A simple good evening becomes a special greeting when someone so dear it is heartily given, because you have to me a wonderful meaning. Take care and have wonderful evening!
Cute and true lines - Never choose a dearone without understanding and never loose a dearone because of misunder standing... Good evening
CUTE is Ur NATURE,SWEET is ur NAME,Clse 2 ma HEART U wil lwys REMAIN,As PLANT wnts WATER,FLOWER wnts DEW,I wnt nthng bt HAPPYNESS fo u... Gd eve...!!
energy reducessweeting stopscool wind comessun starts to setlegs count their stepthat time if a frnd says gd evenghow ur heart feels
Friends change, I know they do..but this friend will always belong to you..Friends hurt I know they do..But this friend gets hurt more without "YOU"! Good Evening....
Friendshp is not having a gang of people around U...It is best to have one heart which is true,..Thinking of U&Always cares for U... Gud evening !!