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Bulk SMS United Arab Emirates

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Mobile Networks in United Arab Emirates

We support 2 mobile networks in United Arab Emirates. Our list of supported networks is constantly growing as they appear. If you weren't able to find a certain mobile network in United Arab Emirates on our list, please contact our support team to find out about the availability to send messages to this network. Below is our sms price list for United Arab Emirates networks

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Bulk SMS Prices in United Arab Emirates - Only the best delivery channels to each network!

ID Country Network Prefix Unit per SMS Explanation Continent Country Code
1. United Arab Emirates Etisalat (Emirates Telecom Corp) +971 5 1,000,000 SMS = 5,000,000 units = 24999.99975 USD ( @0.025 USD per SMS). Buy Units AS - Asia AE
2. United Arab Emirates du (EITC) +971 5 1,000,000 SMS = 5,000,000 units = 24999.99975 USD ( @0.025 USD per SMS). Buy Units AS - Asia AE