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Our bulk sms service allows you to Send bulk sms in Kenya. Looking for bulk sms sites in Kenya or the cheapest bulk sms platforms in Kenya? offers the best bulk sms in Kenya with instant delivery reports in real-time.

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Mobile Networks in Kenya - KE

We support 4 mobile networks in Kenya. Our list of supported networks is constantly growing as they appear. If you weren't able to find a certain mobile network in Kenya on our list, please contact our support team to find out about the availability to send messages to this network. Below is our sms price list for Kenya networks

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In case you find somewhere offering "seemingly" better Bulk SMS price, please test and compare the actual deliveries.
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How much does it cost to send bulk SMS to Kenya?

Bulk SMS Pricing for all operators in Kenya

Network MCCMNC Pricing Details
Safaricom 63902 $0.02231 1 SMS = 7 Credits
50,000 SMS needs 350,000 Credits = 1,115 USD
(Meaning: 0.02231 USD per SMS). Buy Credits Free Testing
Jamii Telecommunications Limited 63910 $0.03406 1 SMS = 11 Credits
50,000 SMS needs 550,000 Credits = 1,703 USD
(Meaning: 0.03406 USD per SMS). Buy Credits Free Testing
Telkom Kenya Ltd (Orange) 63907 $0.05882 1 SMS = 19 Credits
50,000 SMS needs 950,000 Credits = 2,941 USD
(Meaning: 0.05882 USD per SMS). Buy Credits Free Testing
Airtel Kenya 63903 $0.06911 1 SMS = 23 Credits
50,000 SMS needs 1,150,000 Credits = 3,455 USD
(Meaning: 0.06911 USD per SMS). Buy Credits Free Testing

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