Cheap Global SMS Widget / White-Label

Just as you can access the widget URL (or webview) directly at , you can as well embed it in your applications or simple HTML webpages.

E.G. Loading the widget into an iframe is demonstrated below:

style='width:100%;height:560px;border:1px solid #bbb;border-radius:3px;'>

Optional Proceedure For White-Labeling Cheap Global SMS Through Your Own Website URL

  1. First, create your account and login
  2. Buy the amount of sms credits that you want in bulk here
  3. Create a sub-account for each of your customer, and add credits to the created sub-account as needed
  4. Now on your own website, you would have a webpage on which you are loading the widget in an iframe (here is a sample code for full-screen frame)
    style="position:fixed; top:0px; left:0px; bottom:0px; right:0px; width:100%; height:100%; border:none; margin:0; padding:0; overflow:hidden; z-index:999999;">
    You may customize your page as you like (e.g by appending your logo above the iframe on the webpage)
  5. Then you can direct the users to your customized url that you created above, after you have given them their login credentials (sub-account and password)
In fact, you may load any of the widget url with hidden menu-tabs. Simply add the parameter no_tabs=1. And to reaveal it again, use no_tabs=0.
E.G: to directly load the 'send_sms' page as the only visible and active page for an auto-logged-in account:
//[Your Token]

Here is an example of CGSMS widget, loaded into an iframe

TIPS: Sub-accounts can easily be created for free here.

Auto-login URL

Supposing that you are importing the widget into a page on your admin panel, the sample php code describes how to generate a url that could be used; in order to be automatically logged in.


So for instance, to load the above authenticated url via iframe could be like:
<iframe src='<?php echo $url; ?>' style='width:100%;height:560px;border:1px solid #bbb;border-radius:3px;'></iframe>