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Always try 2 represent urself 'h@ppy'..Bcoz,Initially, it becomes ur 'Look'Gradually, it becomes ur 'Habit'& finally it becomes your personality.
An 0utstanding Answer ByA Child When Asked,"What is DREAM..?"He Replied:"Where There Is No PriceTags 0n The Toys WhichI Love n Like The Most..."
Avoiding something doesn't alwaysmean that u hate it..It could also mean that u want it,but u just know that it isn't urs..:(
Calculate ur LOVE percentType LOVEsend it 2Ur father's mobile no.He wil tel ur future!Try it. Its vry interestng;-)
Cool is cube Ice so rude If u r tired Then u be cool
Death is not the greatest loss in lifeThe greatest loss of life iswhen relationship dies among uswhile we r aliveSoB strong in your Relations.
Dictionary Says That'Open' And 'Close' Are Opposites,But..Life Teaches That We Are "Open"Only With Those,With Whom We Are "Close" :-)
Do u know y god created space between two fingers?so that someone who is very special to u comes nd fill those gaps.
Do You Know What Is Difficult To Do?It Is Difficult To Share JokesWith The Person You Love,While Deep Inside,What You Really Want Is ToShare Your Feelings
Don't trust too much.Don't love too much.Don't care too much.Don't hope too much.Because that too much can hurt u so much