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It's very easy to buy virtual number here, no contract signing or verification process required. In fact, the process is automated.
When your virtual numbers receive sms you can simply read the sms online from the portal and/or forward the text to your web application via HTTP webhook using this documentation.

Virtual number for sms verification

Buy virtual number for OTP verification, the number is exclusively yours, until you decide to let go and stop paying monthly subscription.

Buy virtual number with bitcoin, perfectmoney, tether USDT

In addition to credit card payment option, you can also buy cheap virtual number with crypto and digital currency.

Virtual number to manage SMS survey, campaigns and subscriptions

Receive and process SMS from your audience; as configured in your campaigns. You can specify if to remove or add the sender's number to particular contact groups.
Also, Your virtual number can be used to forward incoming sms to you web application through your webhook and you may as well access your texts via API with the HTTP request, all without a SIM.

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Getting your virtual number here comes with outstanding advantages:
Virtual phone numbers are completely legal, and you can use them in all countries.
Please chat with us first if you wish to use your virtual number as Sender ID to send bulk SMS, as different regions have different rules regarding senders' name.
Meanwhile, You can also send cheap bulk SMS from here to any country/network, with instant delivery and reports in real-time. See network coverage & SMS Pricing. You don't need a virtual number to send bulk SMS.