Most of the websites used today are built from WordPress builder. There are needs to integrate SMS to the site for more communication alternatives. There is SMS specially made for WordPress users.

WP SMS is a WordPress aggregator for bulk SMS gateways, supporting more than 257 gateways. You need a reliable bulk SMS service that has this kind of service included. With this function you can easily send SMS messages from your WordPress site with W-P SMS.

These are some reasons you need the best W-P SMS.

 When using Advance send SMS pages

When using W-P SMS, the platform provides several features you can work with, for example,On this page, you will have several options  for sending sms. This send SMS page  allows you to send messages and MMS to subscribers, WordPress users, WordPress roles, and special mobile numbers.

         When using schedule SMS

This feature can let you plan ahead of time.This sms page will let you schedule your sms. You can choose the time and date you wish for your SMS to be sent from your WordPress. It is effective especially if you are the busy type. You can still check on that day to confirm if your messages were sent as scheduled.

           When using flash SMS

Flash SMS works in a different way from ordinary SMS. It is an interesting feature which you can find on W-P SMS, The message appears on the recipient mobile screen directly. The recipient does not need to go to the mobile inbox to read the message allocated to the SMS inbox.

       The  GDPR Compliant

Sending messages to wrong numbers can be annoying as you are wasting the sms. This helps to avoid mistakes in Mobile numbers. To get the mobile number correct this function provides validation for mobile number fields in the W-P SMS. These numbers can be corrected.

        Using Unicode

One might wonder if it's possible to send messages with different languages of the world especially the ones with special characters, the answer is yes with the help of unicode. The W-P SMS also have the ability to to cover Unicode languages, such as Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, Thaana, Devanagari, Bengali, Gurmukhi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Sinhala, Thai, Lao, Tibetan, Myanmar etc.

         Outbox SMS page feature

The outbox SMS page has some options that is helpful. All sms messages are stored in W-P SMS and you can have an archive of them. There is some option for resending, deleting and searching messages. This makes the outbox SMS page important as it makes it possible to work again with your SMS instead of starting from the scratch.

     To Manage subscribers

This is one of the most important features of the W-P SMS. This function allows you to manage subscribers by managing newsletter subscribers and creating grouping for them. You can also do segmentation with this. This will help you differentiate the groups under your control and the ones you need to work with at a particular time.i

In conclusion, a good bulk SMS service provider must have a W-P SMS that supports WordPress well and also act as a good aggregator for several gateways. This is the reason one must choose the best W-P SMS to get the best bulk sms experience on your platform.  Cheapglobalsms.com has a reliable one in W-P SMS pro, which enables the service to work smoothly. Create an account on cheapglobalsms.com and enjoy all these benefits


DATE: Wed, 14th Dec. 2022 8:38am

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