Who is the best bulk SMS provider in India?

Maybe you weren’t on the surface of the earth when the traditional mode of communication was a hell of a thing. You couldn’t reach out to a large number of people effectively at once.

Well, it is 2021 and one of the best ways to effectively reach a large number of people in India and get them to open your message is by sending Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS simply entails sending a large quantity of short (customizable) messages to a large number of people at once

And here’s why it is so effective, Unlike most other messaging platforms that can’t guarantee delivery and open rate, bulk SMSs can guarantee an open rate of up to 98%.

But you certainly need to work with one of the best, if not the best bulk SMS providers in India that offer instant SMS delivery, delivery reporting in real-time, low SMS cost, and responsive customer support.

Here’s why Cheap Global SMS is one of the best bulk SMS providers in India

Cheap Global SMS are a leading bulk SMS provider to all countries with instant SMS delivery and reporting in real time, at about the cheapest SMS rates worldwide.

Instant Bulk SMS delivery – Even when sending to millions of people at the same time.

Very affordable bulk SMS cost – Transparent pricing at the lowest prices you can trust.

Delivery reporting – Track and know what happens to each of your messages in real-time.

Flexible payment option – Buy SMS credits with Bitcoin, perfect money, bank wire transfer, western union

Multi-Language support – Easily send in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language

Responsive customer support – They are going to be on your neck looking to know what’s not working well for them and how they can make it easy and smooth for you.

Trusted by some of the best companies – companies like LOYSTAR, betboro, ShareViral.net, Unifiedpurse.com all use cheapglobalsms.com

Recommended by popular public figures – Linda Ikeji, top social media influencer and blogger has all but positives to say about Cheap Global SMS.

The high level of interaction through messages makes sure that SMS marketing will be useful for the business requirement on the long go. If still, you are not connected with any bulk SMS provider, then the right time is here.

DATE: Sun, 26th Sep. 2021 4:29pm

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